Why Deta Space and Trello?

A Point of View

The Journey

Retirement is a life-changing event for many people. It is a time when people can finally relax and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Retirement can be both exciting and intimidating, as it marks the end of a career and the start of a new chapter in life. For it it marks the time, when I started my journey with Trello. It also coincides with the onset of the COVID pandemic allowing for time to devote to learning new skills.

At that time, I wanted to lead an active retirement life, and the decision to reconnect with my love for software development was activated. After some researching and consulting with experts, I decide on learning python using Anaconda. Soon, it was obvious that I need to be in the Internet and I came across Wayscript.

At that time, the have a visual drag and drop low code IDE which was very useful to use modular python script and run it together with other software like Google Sheet, Discord, …etc using its prebuilt triggers. One of the trigger available was Trello and it lead me to discover py_trello, a python wrapper to help accelerates development and time to value for my home base freelance consulting work.

Wayscript has now become Wayscript X but need to store my client’s Trello API Keys and Token and other software credentials remains both the clients' concerns as well as mine. Besides, the once free unlimited use serverless platform, will potential cost more although I am given a generous entitlement for my plan. Wayscript X continues to be my go to platform for high compute workload for my clients.

As a contingency, I started to look for another serverless platform and I came across Deta Cloud which has undergone a merge on Feb 14, 2023.

Deta cloud is everything that is offered by Wayscript but it is

  • easier to develop and deploy
  • it supports python and Javascript and associated frameworks like FastAPI and Node
  • it has, in addition to micro (containers for your script), a NOSQL database, free 10 drive and CRON
  • it supports the use of .env files for configuration, credentials, etc
  • …and more

However, it comes with a small footprint (256-512MB) and 10s runtime. The latter restriction forces some workload to be run on Wayscript.

The Promise

In this tweet, the key motivation behind the create of Deta Space is share and you can read and watch the video :


Here’s a little bit more about Deta Space.

With Space, development is free. We don’t think developers should have to configure, manage, or pay for the computer that runs their idea for other people. We also think that end-users should have the freedom to develop against their own stuff, by default.

Space is universal. We think the incredible apps that developers write (and the information these apps produce) should be massively accessible to others all around the world (if desired).

Lastly, Space is personal — we think end-user control of a computer, its apps, and its information is fundamental to computing in a free and universal way. And not just for software developers, but also for everyone else.

The concept of a personal cloud for all your apps means that you have you have :

  • your own instance(s) of the services including all its associated resources including Deta Base and Drive, configuration files, …etc
  • full control over access to both the services and data

The Synergy

When an app is deployed it is personal to you. It helps address a number of common expectation and or requirements often discussed on the Atlassian Community :

  • mirroring and synchronisation across boards
  • advanced Trello automation requiring users to use http requests
  • a better email support especially the ability to use existing email(s)
  • integration with other software not supported by Zapier, Make or similar services
  • ability to limit access and or visibility of information
    • (Disclaimer : current portfolio does not adequately address this area although there is potential to use Hipporello builder to handle some specific requirements)

Here’s my current portfolio of apps that addresses the above gaps and you can run your own :

  • MirrorSync to synchronise between Trello cards with your co-workers
  • Space Butler to provide advanced capabilities to support your Trello automation
  • Taco Mail to create customised emails from your board/card
  • mySMTP to use the SMTP capabilities of your existing email(s)
  • Auto Reply to send email acknowledge of form submissions from Formate app
  • This blog which is an app that was built with Blog-Doc
  • Custom built unlisted apps (or have someone built for you) to deliver services to your business e.g.
    • Clickfunnel to sell more books
    • Native forms to your Contalist database
    • Enhanced services to support your Planyway implementation
    • Daily processing to ensure your Trello boards' integrity
    • Send out custom mailers for your upcoming reservation
    • …etc